I have seen many online English training lessons on websites.Those lessons are recording lessons and I want to learn English with live class. How about onlieenglish.lk

Absolutely no. onineenglish.lk offers its practical spoken English lessons in a live video call.  it is a live training program and students can ask any questions. Also, you can see a physical whiteboard behind the trainer on your device screen.

Is that individual or group class?

Always onlineenglish.lk classes are individual classes. Because we fulfill your requirement of speaking English.

Can I have a trial class and see whether is suitable to my level and understand the requirement?

Yes, you can have a free demonstration before making any payment.

That is free. This section onlineenglish.lk gives you to understand the difference between onlineenglish.lk and other traditional classes or courses.  In this lesson, you can check how the trainer explains everything very clearly and how it affects your requirement of learning English.

How do I believe onlineenglish.lk is the best selection of my Spoken English?

You can see this in the free demonstration. The free demonstration we will give you to understand the difference between onlineenglish.lk and other classes and courses what already you followed.

You can learn spoken English under onlineenglish.lk a very easy way.

onlineenglish.lk takes a challenge even in the free demonstration to teach anything you unable to learn in English within a very short time as you never expected.

Therefore in the demonstration, you can give us every difficulty lessons which you unable to learn after following many English classes.

Whatever it is onlineengish.lk trainer Nuwan De Alwis will solve this without taking more than 10 minutes. Also, onlineenglish show you the way you should apply in your practical life. Also in the free demonstration onlineenglish.lk teaches you some practical spoken English lessons to understand well about applications of practical English.

If onlineenglish.lk did not do this you don`t have to follow our lessons.

We know that we can face any challenges with teaching English.

That is why we do the free demonstration before making any payments.

I want to take my son or daughter to participate in onlineenglish.lk

We are sorry. We conduct classes only for adults. No entry for school students.

How can I make the payments?

Payment should be done before the class. You can make the payment to our bank account. We accept bank deposit and online payments.

After making the payment just take a photo in the slip and WhatsApp us.

How to schedule my classes?

We conduct classes every day at 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM

You can take 2 hours’ time slot in your compatible time of the day.

Which device I should use to follow onlineenglish.lk lessons.

You can use your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or any other device.

If you come from your smartphone you should keep it horizontally and hold it using something or get the phone stand.

Do I have to do any home works?

The only homework is practice. The practice is a very important thing.

We teach you how to practice.

I want to know the course duration.

This is depending on your requirement to learn spoken English and your expectations. When you feel that you are fully ok with your expectation just you can stop. However, you don`t have to follow many classes to make you a better speaker.